Other Resources

We have made available many of the Thea Holtan classic printed "Think, Organize, Write!" materials that so many people have used over the years. We will be making these resources available as we scan them over the next few months. Feel free to download and use them in your classrooms!

We still have some of these printed materials available. Send us an email if you are looking to get a copy! feedback@thinkingandwriting.org

Instructor Guides

Thea Holtan's Think, Organize, Write Instructor’s Guide.  Teaching to Standards with Brain-Compatible Strategies.  This Instructor’s Guide has been designed and written to be a tool for teaching instructors how to teach and use “The Thinking and Writing Process”.  In this guide you will find explanations and examples of understanding skills and strategies, scripts for teaching learners, and connections with research experts who have contributed perspectives and efficient methods that cause better learning.

Teacher Scripts

The Teacher’s Scripts directly address Teaching Research Papers and Expository Essays. The top of each sample page shows (1) the strategy's illustration with (2) captioned instructions. The bottom of each sample page shows (3) the script (what to say) in large print on the left and (4) instructions (what to do) in small print usually on the right but also across the page.

Student Flip Book Guides

What makes this research process unique for you, the student?

You’ll follow simple how-to instructions for each step.

 You’ll use forms that look like note cards and outlines.

 You’ll examine each of your notes with questions to help you think of reasons, similarities and differences, examples, and definitions. You’ll also
   use notes to help you think about a variety of synonyms for the subject.

You’ll predict categories for your notes. Then you’ll sort them into those categories
 for making your topic outline.

 You'll strengthen your logical thinking skills.

You’ll have checklists that will help you correct your own writing.

 You’ll be able to use these steps again and again with any subject.

 You'll grow through Levels 1, 2, and 3 from Kindergarten to Adult.

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  • Level 3 - Grade 5-Adult

Composition with Thinking

Thea Holtan created this book to illustrate her process for writing fictional reports.

Keys to Inspiration by Steve Ford

This book written by Steve Ford includes many of Thea Holtan's strategies and teachings.