The Thinking and Writing Process guides students
through writing essays and reports.

Are you a student needing help writing an essay or report?

Are you a teacher looking for a self-guided process for your students to use?

Are you a parent looking to help your child become a better writer?

Get started...

Empowering learners to think with information, to organize it,
and to communicate both in writing and in speaking.

"I had used this process with upper grades, but doubted it could be used in Kindergarten. This was an eye opener! The kids did wonderfully well!!!"

- Kindergarten Teacher
"I have been just amazed at how well my kids did with their reports. They enjoyed each step of the process and are begging to do another!"

- Grade 1 Teacher
"Initially, I really didn’t believe my second and third graders could handle this. However, I was wrong! It was so exciting!"

- Grades 2 and 3 Teacher
"As a third grader I used this process several times. Today I teach third grade, and you can be sure I teach this process! I even use my old reports as examples!"

- Grade 3 Teacher
"In bite-size chunks your process did not overwhelm learners. The momentum of anticipation built to “When can we put it all together?” This was music to my ears."

- Grade 4 Teacher
"Parent response is another perk to this process."

- Grade 4 Teacher
"I cannot get over how truly wonderful this process is. I will use it for many years to come!"

- Grades 5 and 6 Teacher
"I have two sons with learning disabilities. This has been the essential tool in their education."

- Grades 4 and 8 Parent
"I love this process!! It works!! This is a fantastic sequential process for all to use! Wow! Even my Special Education students did well!"

- High School Teacher
"My daughter learned this process many years ago. Even through college she has continued to get A’s on her reports."

- College Parent
“To Thea Holtan, For giving me a strong foundation as a writer (starting when I was in 2nd grade), which opened up the world to me.”

- Rebecca J. Atencio

Looking for Think, Organize, Write! materials?

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